Sep 19

New RUU Zip Files Posted

I have added 4 new RUU Zip’s that I have decrypted from the original RUU files.

There were two RUU Zip files that were still encrypted listed previously on the site. These versions were downloaded a lot. The two files were:

RUU Zip M7_U_JB_50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.29.707.4


RUU Zip M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.29.401.16


Those files, would have flashed fine (when you flash something in fastboot the hboot on the system decrypts the files on the go if needed) but they couldn’t be opened or changed since they were encrypted.

Now you can use those rom.zip’s as a base for other CID’s and MID’s by just changing the android-info.txt contained in the zip.
The 4 new RUU Zips just added are:


RUU Zip M7 UL JB 50 TMOUS 1.27.531.11 Radio 4A.17.3250.20 10.40.1150.04 Release 324846 Signed
File Size: 1.1 GiB - Downloads: 4628
MD5: aded093fcb6af47e0a3b551326afd989


RUU Zip M7 UL JB 50 HTC Europe 1.20.401.1 Radio 4A.13.3227.06 10.27.1127.01 Release 308001 Signed 2 4
File Size: 1.0 GiB - Downloads: 8630
MD5: 54b8fef769fd0ad96b066310a77bfc66


RUU Zip M7 UL JB 50 HTC Europe 1.28.401.7 Radio 4A.13.3231.27 10.31.1131.05 Release 310878 Signed
File Size: 1.0 GiB - Downloads: 15447
MD5: 9f83fa36f7d800166401f161dc25db4b


RUU Zip M7 UL JB 50 HTC Asia WWE 1.29.707.3 R Radio 4A.14.3250.13 10.33.1150.01 Release 311678 Signed
File Size: 1.0 GiB - Downloads: 11924
MD5: 52351daf3a64c6993421571c455ebbd5


I also have been adding details in the file comments for what MID and CID each RUU was made for.  I will continue to update this information to make it easier to pick the correct RUU.


As a refresher here are the instructions for flashing these RUU Zip files.  Perfect if your not running Windows or if you just prefer to flash in fastboot for the visual status of the flash.


Download the RUU.zip file and place in your ADB/fastboot folder. I would recommend renaming the zip file to something simple like ruu.zip.

Boot your phone into the bootloader by holding the power and vol up/down buttons at the same time until you see the bootloader screen or if you have your phone booted you can use the ADB command:

adb reboot-bootloader

Now use these fastboot commands:

fastboot oem rebootRUU

Should see the Silver HTC logo. Now issue this command to flash your phone using the ruu.zip file:

fastboot flash zip ruu.zip

Now the first time you issue a command to flash a firmware/ruu in fastboot it only prepares the flash.  You have to issue the exact command again:

fastboot flash zip ruu.zip

The green status bar usually does not reach the 100% mark.  When the output in the command window is complete, you can reboot:

fastboot reboot

**Notes about the RUU.zip method. You still need to have the proper CID for the RUU. You can run the RUU.zip with super CID, but you will have to lock your bootloader first. If you are running the RUU.zip as base to downgrade all your firmware because you are going to then going to restore a stock Nandroid so the RUU might not be made for your MID, so you may need to edit the android-info.txt inside the ruu.zip to include your MID or CID.
Happy RUUing















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