Nov 27

Android 4.4 Kit Kat for Google Edition 3.58.1700.5 RUU and OTA Files

Here is the 3.58.1700.5 RUU Zip with Android 4.4 Kit Kat for Google Edition. You can use it to do a full conversion to Google Edition version of HTC One.

You will need to have CID of GOOGL001 in order to get future OTA updates.


****S-OFF Only – Will Wipe all data from device!

3.58.1700.5 Installation Instructions:

It of course would be flashed in ruu mode as follows. Rename it to RUU.zip for easier typing and place it in your adb/fastboot folder.

Flash/Install like firmware:

Boot to bootloader:
adb reboot-bootloader
Reboot RUU mode via fastboot:
fastboot oem rebootRUU
Flash the firmware:
fastboot flash zip RUU.zip
After it finishes, execute the command again to complete the flash:
fastboot flash zip RUU.zip


RUU Zip M7 Google Edition 4.4 3.58.1700.5
File Size: 494.3 MiB - Downloads: 27660
MD5: d5ad9b1d75da48040b10a4e0279cc25a
Comments: RUU For Google Edition Version compiled by XDA user graffixnyc

modelid: PN0710000
modelid: PN0711000
modelid: PN0712000
modelid: PN0713000
modelid: PN0714000
modelid: PN071****
cidnum: 11111111
cidnum: T-MOB010
cidnum: CWS__001
cidnum: BS_US001
cidnum: GOOGL001


If you want the firmware or want the OTA file here it is:


OTA M7 UL K44 STOCK UI MR Google WWE 3.58.1700.5-3.07.1700.1 Release 341696
File Size: 305.4 MiB - Downloads: 2030
MD5: 048a1aa90e8f745160be98c46841f39a




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  1. Genzun

    My device is modelid: PN0712000 & cidnum: GOOGL001. Atmoment it ‘s S-ON and i has flash firmware 3.58.1700.5 so that i can not comeback to RUU ? Please help me , i has try Unlockbootloader but can’t success it alway appear line RELOCKED i am use unlock_code.bin to flash unlocktoken it success but i don’t see any news for my device become UNLOCK

    1. Panpy

      I’m in the same situation. any luck?

  2. theab

    i get this ” error cannot read zip” every time i try to ruu

  3. jon

    RENAME the ruu …… RUU.zip youll be ok then 😉 exactly as it is the with the .zip in the name

  4. John

    is this an official ROM or custom ROM? I want to try GPE Rom for my HTC one..

  5. Scotompsont Th

    First thanks for the RUU, you helped save me from a brick. Anyway, once installing, it wants to upgrade to 4.4.2; not a problem, except that it does a full wipe of the device, starts over, and goes back 4.4. The update doesn’t stick. Any idea why?

    1. Michael

      You might not have CID: GOOGL001

  6. William

    I am clueless about how to do all this. Iv modified a Wii in the past but I doubt it’s the same. I haven’t done any mods whatsoever to the phone but for some reason I can’t update. Still stuck at 4.1.2 unlocked version. Can someone provide a link to a guide or tell me how to get started. Thanks I’d really appreciate it.
    By the way if you need to know more about the device let me know. I can’t find if I have this CID Google001. I checked in the settings. That means it’s the Google edition right?

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