Nov 21

Custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip

Here is a custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip I put together. You can use it to upgrade everything directly, firmware and software to 3.63.707.4

It contains these pieces:
Data partition, Stock Splash screen and pg2fs_spcustom.img from RUU 1.29.707.4
Latest Touchscreen and IR drivers from 2.24.707.1 firmware
Hboot, recovery and all other included images from the latest 3.63.707.4 firmware included in the OTA
System partition made from the user submitted (Thanks v-b-n) TWRP stock backup

****S-OFF Only – Will Wipe all data from device!

It of course would be flashed in ruu mode as follows. Rename it to RUU.zip for easier typing and place it in your adb/fastboot folder.

Flash/Install like firmware:

Boot to bootloader:
adb reboot-bootloader
Reboot RUU mode via fastboot:
fastboot oem rebootRUU
Flash the firmware:
fastboot flash zip RUU.zip
After it finishes, execute the command again to complete the flash:
fastboot flash zip RUU.zip


RUU Zip M7 U Asia WWE Custom GuRUU - 3.63.707.4
File Size: 1.2 GiB - Downloads: 8797
MD5: 8f66afa00741dec30604aa4f4e0501ee
Comments: ******S-OFF Required.  This is a custom unsigned RUU zip.

This will wipe the entire contents of your device!

Device type M7 U

modelid: PN0711000
modelid: PN0714000

cidnum: HTC__044
cidnum: HTC__038



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  1. rehman sazzad

    I need RUU-3.63.401.3. pls reply me soon.

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