Dec 02

3.63.709.3 OTA File

Here is the download for the 3.63.709.3 OTA file – Asia TW (Taiwan)


This is for device type HTC One M7 U


Info from the OTA’s firmware.zip android-info.txt:

modelid: PN0711000
cidnum: HTC__621


OTA M7 U JB43 SENSE55 MR HTC Asia TW 3.63.709.3-3.18.709.2 R3 Release 340275
File Size: 601.6 MiB - Downloads: 8273
MD5: 8175076e8f2c287e04aa3215571dd172
Comments: modelid: PN0711000
cidnum: HTC__621

See HERE for full OTA collection and flashing instructions.

Also see HERE for OTA support.


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  1. mazharswapon haque

    the amuse

    I am useing HTC one m7,but I’m facing problem of too many cache and junket file due to trouble shot of wa’ve page.

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