Mar 25

4.4 Kit Kat/Sense 5.5 RUU for O2 (UK)


Here is the O2 (UK) 4.4 Kit Kat with Sense 5.5 RUU version
It has radio version 4A.23.3263.28 and will work with this config:
modelid: PN0710000
cidnum: O2___001
cidnum: O2___102

File name is:
RUU M7 UL K44 SENSE55 MR O2 UK Radio 4A.23.3263.28 10.38r.1157.04L Release 353143 Signed 2

You should not need to downgrade your hboot version for this RUU to work.  This should work for most S-On users that need to return to stock since there a lot are on a software/hardware versions lower than it.

RUU M7 UL K44 SENSE55 MR O2 UK Radio 4A.23.3263.28 10.38r.1157.04L Release 353143 Signed 2
File Size: 1.7 GiB - Downloads: 35307
MD5: 4961fdbbadba53c9640f3638f56faec1


If you need support for using this file you can use this XDA thread:

Collection of RUU and other helpful files on XDA

The full list of RUU files can be found here:





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  1. Shalim

    Hi.. I have HTC ONE M7 801S it’s strucked in HTC LOGO. So I want to restore . I can’t find compatible RUU.. Can u help me

  2. Carl

    I’m trying to download this file and the bootloader one from your site but the downloads just stop after around 100mbs. Is there a mirror at all? – Tried different browsers, different connections and also a download manager which managed to download the file but it was corrupt. I’m guessing due to the cuts that were happening when trying to download normally. –

  3. Danny

    Same problem downloading this ruu, fails at different points I did manage to get a download and md5 was ok. But doesn’t work running the exe just gets stuck at 5% checking header. I tried to extract the Rom.zip and flash that way but same problem. Just get error 35 checking header. Anything can be done? Thanks

  4. NA2SIM

    MY cidnum: O2___001
    MY Phone Is HTC ONE X+
    is this RUU work for ME ?

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