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Nov 21

Custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip

Here is a custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip I put together. You can use it to upgrade everything directly, firmware and software to 3.63.707.4 It contains these pieces: Data partition, Stock Splash screen and pg2fs_spcustom.img from RUU 1.29.707.4 Latest Touchscreen and IR drivers from 2.24.707.1 firmware Hboot, recovery and all other included images from the latest …

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Nov 12

RUU Zip 3.22.661.1 for Telus Posted

Here is a new RUU Zip for Telus 3.22.661.1. It has been decypted and can be downloaded here:     Enjoy

Nov 02

Guru Reset 2.24.841.1 Stock ROM

Here is a new Guru Reset for Telstra WWE (Australia). It is version 2.24.841.1 – OTA Updates will work when available.     Enjoy

Oct 30

Guru Reset 3.62.401.1 Stock ROM

Here is a new Guru Reset for unbranded World Wide English. It is version 3.62.401.1 – OTA Updates when available.     Thanks to XDA member mike1986 for the stock rom dump. Thread HERE. Enjoy

Oct 30

Guru Reset Stock ROM

Here is a new Guru Reset for Orange FR (France). It is version – OTA Updates available.     Enjoy

Oct 30

Guru Reset 2.24.1020.1 Stock ROM

Here is a new Guru Reset for Bouygues Telecom (France). It is version 2.24.1020.1 Unfortunately OTA updates do not work on this ROM.     Enjoy

Oct 28

More RUU Zip Files Added | 3.24.531.3 & 1.29.401.2

I have decrypted the last 2 RUU’s that were added. They are the T-Mobile 3.24.531.3 and the WWE 1.29.401.2 Here are the downloads for the RUU Zip files to flash the RUU in fastboot.       Enjoy

Oct 17

T-Mobile Guru Reset Posted – 1.27.531.11 – Easy reset to stock for 4.3 OTA

  As requested here is a T-Mobile Guru Reset to prepare for the upcoming 4.3 OTA. If you have updated your firmware in any way then you will most likely lose touch screen when this rom is restored and will have to use a USB mouse and OTG cable to accept the OTA.    

Sep 23

GuruReset Zip Files Posted – Stock ROM 2.24.401.1 with Aroma Installer

EDIT – This post is slightly outdated.  See this link for the main page for the Stock ROM downloads.  Additional versions have been added including Sprint.   You should be redirected in 5 seconds   _______________________________________________________________________ I have started to put together some stock ROM zip files that can be flashed in recovery …

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Sep 10

Guide to Return HTC One Back to 100% Stock

[GUIDE] How to Return to 100% Stock   EDIT – This was the original post with the guide.  It has since been moved to it’s own page under guides so information on this post might be outdated as the current version is here:   You should be redirected in 5 seconds   The info …

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