Guru Reset M7 3.63.707.4

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File Size1.2 GiB
CommentsStock Asia/India (World Wide English) ROM 3.63.707.4 with graphical aroma installer. Includes the ability to flash the Stock Recovery and also Stock Radio.

Future OTA Updates will work when available.

modelid: PN0711000
modelid: PN0714000

cidnum: HTC__044
cidnum: HTC__038
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SupportAsk Questions and find General Support info for this file here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2471869


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  1. nitin

    Sir,i m using a htc one m7 Indian version. I m rooting this device and install twrp recovery. Now a week ago i just trying to unroot this phone and get stoxk firmware.but, i had a mistake i wipe all stock data of phone and now a result my phone get busted. When I’m trying to power on my htc one its show no operating system. Pls help me how can i get operting system.

    1. k2

      bro i’m also experiencing same as your problem
      I request you to please give me the solution for this problem

  2. budi

    dear developer,

    i’m using Guru Reset M7 3.63.707.4 to reset my htc to stock rom. everything run normal just like in the video. the difference is after reboot, the htc stuck in bootloader, always start in bootloader. at first it because i haven’t change to stock recovery. but after change the stock recovery all my internal data deleted and still cannot start the system, still stuck in bootloader.

    previously i’m using stock 4.4.2 kitkat 5.5 sense. i want to update to try the new 6.0 sense. please help me how to fix this. oh ya i’m using htc one 802d indonesian version, with cidnum 044.

    budi mulia

  3. boy32

    sir,,,,my software num is 3.63.707.4,,but after using this tool im having 3.63.707.3,,and ota updates are not installing,,,plzzz help me

  4. boy32

    plzz help me im stuck at 4.3 sense 5.5

  5. Pranav Awasthi

    HI..i have a Htc one m7 indian version. I had installed cyanogenmod with 4.4.4 via installer. I had been facing a lot of issues with cyanogenmod. I want to go back to stock ROM.Please help i am in a lot of pain :/

  6. Dat

    i got problem with my m7. i couldnt go to recovery mode. So i will try guru asia to come back stock rom. hope it wil work. if not, pls help me through my skype. brunkenmen_21 from vietnam. thank you. :( have no phone to use. huhu

  7. Odedo

    this rom stck me @ Jellybeam 4.3 . now i cannot update OTA, i cannot mount my recovery rom since TWRP was changed into CWM . when iam mounting to sd card or phone storage it says
    Mount SDCard failed 1 times
    Mount SDCard failed 2 times
    Mount SDCard failed 3 times
    Mount SDCard failed 4 times
    Mount SDCard failed 5 times
    Can not mount SD Card. (No such file or directory)
    I:Write host_mod: 0 done”

    now Iam so depressed . :(

    1. Odedo

      The ROM is also no rooted , even if THE INSTALLATION PROCEDURE ASKS IF IF I WANT TO ROOT THE PHONE WITH SU AND BUSYBIX , but after the completion . its not rooted at all. now i cant flash any recovery / rom .

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