RUU M7 UL K44 SENSE55 MR Bouygues FR 4.20.1020.12 Radio 4A.23.3263.28 10.38r.1157.04L Release 351533 Signed 2

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File Size1.6 GiB
Commentsmid: PN0710000

cid: HTC__247
SupportAsk Questions and find General Support info for this file here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2428276


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  1. Azhar

    Please mention CID MID i want to flash this Rom

  2. crushalot

    It should be:
    mid: PN0710000

    cid: HTC__247

    I will update the file info.

  3. moussa

    I just try

  4. umar

    A51_ul pvt Ship S-on




    emmc-boot 2048mb oc

    Sir The Above detail is my phone

    my phone can’t be update or custom flash etc. and S-on is in bootloader. HTC desire 820 single sim i have

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