RUU M7 UL K44 SENSE55 MR BrightstarUS WWE 4.19.1540.9 Radio 4A.23.3263.28 10.38r.1157.04L Release 353887 Signed 3

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File Size1.6 GiB
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  1. Joe M

    I have a Dev phone with CID GOOGL001 and MID: PN0712000. I wanted to put the original RUU that is for that phone but cant seem to find it anywhere. I tried this one after changing the H.Bot to 1.44 as suggested but it’s still not working. Can you advise please

  2. Kody

    Thank you! Worked like a charm and now my AT&T HTC M7 to Dev edition HTC M7 conversion is finally complete!

    1. bilal

      how you run this file. as i am getting error everytime and with every possible option.

      i tried file on different systems. window 7 and window 8, i got same error.

  3. bilal

    something wrong with this ruu file.
    every time i run this exe file i got this error.
    htc_fastboot.exe has stop working.

    further when i copy rom.zip from the temp folder and try to flash it. it gives me error.

    in the last when i open this zip file with winrar, i saw only a few files in the zip file. only 9 file. there should be almost 26 files in this zip file.

    hope you got my point.
    sorry for bad english as english is not my native language.

  4. fernando uvinha

    Hi, how to update using HTC Sync Manager?

  5. Jason

    Downloading is always interrupted or stops prematurely, never get past 250MB then it completes the file as an executable which can no longer be resumed with any manager. Using native IE11 or Chrome, same problems. Is server having download problem again? Thanks.

  6. mariusz

    this RUU is damaged!! when i accept terms and conditions it closes!! without an error or messages it just close fix it pelase!!

  7. mariusz

    this RUU is ruined! i cant meke it work when i accept terms and conditions it closes!! without messages and error, can be fixed?

    1. Abel

      Did you make it work? I’m still trying to update but can’t make it pass the 15% of process

  8. Merrill

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