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How to Get S-Off


How to Gain S-Off

This guide will go over some of the methods you can use to gain S-Off on your HTC One Phone. This guide mostly applies to AT&T, T-Mobile and International variants of the device types M7 UL and M7 U.  It does not cover Verizon or Sprint which use a different method.  You will have to search the XDA threads to find the methods for those versions.

You need to know your hboot version in order to pick the correct method. You can see your hboot version by holding te power button and volume down button at the same time until your bootloader screen appears.  It should list your hboot version such as 1.44, 1.54, 1.55 etc.

If you are lucky enough to have an older/original hboot that has version 1.44 then the easiest method would be to use the revone tool. The simple noob method for using the revone tool to gain S-off is by using this toolkit:



For most of the advanced modifications you will need working ADB/Fastboot.  This thread has all the info you need on that:


If you are on a MAC/Linux or just want the manual instructions for S-off using revone, they are outlined in the first section of this thread:



Now most of the new HTC One phone models sold now already come with hboot 1.54 which can not gain S-Off with revone, so you will have to take a look at the newly release tool rumrunner which can gain S-Off on hboot 1.54.  The guide for gaining S-Off with rumrunner can be found here:



If you have questions about performing these actions you should use the threads listed above to post questions.

If you are going S-Off you phone, you should also REALLY know what it means.  This is important because S-Off basically disables the built in security checking and gives you direct read/write access to all the partitions on your phone and you can seriously damage or even render your phone useless if you are not careful.  This is a great article on what S-off means and why most modder’s want it:




S-Off is also important for being able to return to phone to complete stock without any trace of modifications.  It is needed to run most RUU files and also need to remove the Tampered flag from your bootloader and to be able to reset your bootloader status to the original LOCKED, instead of just RELOCKED which is what is shows if done with S-On.


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  1. Jared Guthrie

    I’m trying to get S-Off with hboot 1.55. Is this possible? I would assume so because it is listed here as an option. However, when I run RumRunner it fails. I have gone through the check list mentioned on the RumRunner guide on XDA. I forget exactly where it failed. I tells me to “Press Enter” at one point and the CMD prompt just quits.

    1. Roan

      I managed to get S-OFF with hboot 1.55 using rumrunner. My HTC One M7 is running ViperOne 7.0.1. I didn’t have any problems..

  2. Eddy

    I’m trying to get S-Off. I’m on HBOOT 1.44.0000 with software number 1.36.600.1.

    Anyway after reading a LOT of threads on XDA and other sites, I haven’t been able to achieve S-Off, not with revone, neither Firewater (rummrunner only works on 1.54 and up). I read somewhere that there are two versions of HBOOT 1.44 one that works with revone and an older one (june 2013) that doesn’t.

    I guess I’m stuck since I can’t change my HBOOT because I’m not S-off. They only reason I need S-Off now is to Flash a Google Edition ROM for my HTC One and try if Miracast works with that beacuse with both ARHD 31.1 and 50.0 it doesn’t work (tried two diferent TVs). I also think this might be fixed upgrading my firmware but I need S-off for that as well. So if anyone has a solution to make mircast work on ARHD sense ROMs I’ll use that and stop trying to S-off.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. 2banee

    I’m running into the same problem. Unfortunately I installed Google Edition ROM on my HTC1 prematurely without S-Off and got stuck in a boot loop condition. So the question still exists, with HBOOT -1.55.0000 how do I achieve S-Off to flash my ROM so it will work.

    1. synth505

      Man I am in the same boat. I unlocked my phone, attempted to install twrp recovery and it failed to open. So I reflashed stock recovery. I did the OTA 4.4.2 update and I got the dreaded red “!”. The phone shutoff and rebooted but got stuck in a bootloop. Shutoff phone went back into bootloader and using fastboot I cannot push the official RUU onto my phone to get it completely back to factory on android 4.3. I get a failed message “FAILED (remote: 12 signature verify fail)”. I can lock and relock my bootloader but I cannot find any way to s-off from within the bootloader. My HBOOT is also 1.55.

  4. synth505

    I might have a solution for you. Depending on what your firmware was prior to flash you can run the official RUU.exe and set your phone back to stock jellybean 4.3, s-off, then reflash google edition. I was under the impression that you couldn’t flash a ruu without being s-off but apparently you can if it is an encrypted .exe file. Don’t try to push the decrypted.zip because it will not push with s-on signature verification. I hope this helps. If you were not on 4.3 prior to the botched flash, just google your firmware and look for the .exe package. Heres the link: (this is for Sprint btw) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2576995

  5. haseef

    i got the same prob i can s off my htc one hboot 1.55 some one help

  6. Miguel

    Hola yo igual no consigo s-off en mi htc one m7 hboot 1.55 de vodafone españa, si alguien puede ayudarme con un tutorial especifico lo agradecería, ya intentado con rumrunner pero se queda en el segundo reinicio y enseguda me sale ENTER EXIT… y no consigo s-off :-(

    1. Roan

      Yo lo pude conseguir usando rumrunner en mi HTC One M7 hboot 1.55 con la ROM ViperOne 7.0.1. No tuve ningún problema y funcionó a la primera.

  7. Thwarting

    Hi, I have htc one running 4.2.2 rooted, but I would like to update to kit kart. I have tried to s off my phone in order to install official run. However when I was running rum runner, it showed that the phone is not rooted or lacks unsecured kernel. What should I do, pls help me.

  8. Hensh73

    My M7 has recently had an update and my Hboot is 1.57.0000, what should I use to S-Off my phone?

    1. crushalot

      Try searching XDA for Firewater. I know that can S-Off hboot 1.56 but I am not sure about 1.57.

  9. Ryanking17

    Will making my phone s off wipe it?

  10. crt7981

    guys my htc desire 601 shows hboot-
    please help me !

  11. none

    Nice guide, if ONLY it showed how to do this!!!

  12. Shalim

    How to off htc one m7 S-Off hboot 1.56 ?

    1. Manish

      Did you get any replies.. I am in same situation. Rumrunner and revone is not working.

  13. jose

    se puede hacer s-off a hboot 1.57?

  14. Manish


    I have same problem, I have Hboot 1.56 with Android Revolution HD custom stock ROM for my M7, I want to revert everything to factory firmware. Anyone please help.

  15. Rudy Priego

    How to get S-OFF HBOOT from 1.57? or How to change HBOOT 1.57? (Downgrade)

  16. Serban

    CID T-MOB101 / HBOOT 1.55.000
    S-OFF NOT working, although I tried with both firewater and rumrunner.
    Anyone with the same situation, but successfully S-OFF? :)

  17. rudy vargas

    tengo la misma situacion HBOOT 1.56 y quiero vovler a la rom de fabrica. Alguien ha podido hacer s-off??

  18. Android

    How to s-off HTC one 802d with hboot 2.49 tried firewater but says HTC anti firewater patch is installed please try different kernel .
    Flashed a different kernel but did not help.
    What should I do now??
    Please help me??

  19. Darren Calistro

    Heybrother, look as though your hands are full. I have a Tmobile Htc One. ModelIDNUm Pj4011000, Cidnum T-Mob010, VLE, PVT,SHIP,
    S-ON, RL.HBOOT-2.15.0000, RADIO-, OpenDSP-ver31., eMMC-boot, Dec 14 2012,17:10:57:-1. It might as well be theMotorola brickphones of the lat 80’s, cuz with out gettin the s-off, none of the roms I load stick. Any help will be awesome. Your friend from Hawaii, Darren.

  20. sweetpeefume

    htc desire 601
    imie null null

  21. Roan

    I used rumrunner on my HTC One M7 running ViperOne 7.0.1 and it worked perfect for me. Now I’m S-OFF!!!!!!

    1. John

      what hboot version are you on?

  22. Origin

    Is there a solution for Hboot 1.57 on M7? I have tried a few ROM and kernel combos and no s-off. Goes through all bottles with firewater.

  23. Sam

    Hi I have HTC M7CDWG will I be able ti install this ROM. and bring my device back to stock. the CID says HTC__038

  24. TF85

    I can’t get the S-OFF for my M7.
    I tried many couples Custom ROMs/kernels.
    Perhaps for the M7 having :
    – hboot 1.57
    – OS starting with 6
    the Firewater and Rumrunner can’t do it now ?
    best regards

  25. Rudy Priego

    Nunca he podido lograr S-Off en el HTC One (M7_UL), con HBoot 1.57. He intentado con “Firewater” pero no funciona. Ojala puedan ayudarme, mi dispositivo es el siguiente:

    HTC One (M7_UL)
    Carrier ID: BS_US001.
    Modelo: PN07130000.
    HBoot 1.57.0000.
    Radio: 4A.20.3263.16.

    Quiero dejarlo S-Off para convertirlo en una versión libre.

  26. Rudy Priego

    I’ve never been able S-Off in the HTC One (M7_UL) with HBoot 1.57. I tried with “Firewater” does not work. Hopefully you can help me, my device is as follows:

    HTC One (M7_UL)
    Carrier ID: BS_US001.
    Model: PN07130000.
    HBoot 1.57.0000.
    Radio: 4A.20.3263.16.

    I want to leave S-Off to turn it into a free version and install an official RUU.

  27. Rahul

    Firewater has been discontinued.

    So is there any alternative to Firewater for HBOOT 1.57 ???

    Please !!!!! anyone ??

  28. matias

    This may be a stupid question but can you do this with a Mac? I have hboot 1.54 and rumrunner doesn’t seem to have a mac version.

  29. mykoden

    hi i have hboot 2.19.0000 what method should i use ? :(((( please help

  30. mykoden

    i forgot to specify i have htc one mini m4

  31. Buds

    Hi everyone!

    I’m trying to s-off htc one dual sim 802d on hboot 2.49. can anyone please help me out where to start from. i’ve been searching for ages for a way to s-off my device. Thanks.

    1. Buds

      I forgot to add that i’m already rooted and have unlocked bootloader.

  32. Rob

    SunShine was the only thing I could find that actually worked to gain S-off, but it cost $25.00.

  33. sina

    hey there,
    when i try to do something with the htc one toolkit,it say :adb push revone /data/local/tmp/
    error: device not found
    what should i do?

    1. sina

      i forgot to say that im using HTC one m7 U

  34. towhidabid

    Hello. I have HTC One m7 with hboot 1.56 anyone can help me gaining s-off ?

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