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How to use the Guru Bootloader Reset Tool

How to use the Guru Bootloader Reset Tool

This tool will allow you remove the Tampered flag from your bootloader. It will also allow you to easily Lock and Unlock your Bootloader directly from recovery.
In order to do this you MUST BE S-Off. If you are still S-On and would like to do this then you need to gain S-Off first. See my guide for gaining S-Off HERE.  

Root is not required.

Before using this tool you need to be sure you are using the latest version of recovery as the M7 U/UL TWRP requires at least version for this package to work. The current downloads for both CWM and TWRP can found below:

The latest M7 U/UL TWRP can be downloaded HERE.
The latest M7 U/UL CWM can be downloaded HERE.

***[UPDATE] – It seems that the latest TWRP has been pulled due to some minor issues.  If your TWRP version doesn’t work please use CWM for now until a updated TWRP release is made.

This should work for Verizon and Sprint as well, however they have different versions of these recoveries, so I am unable to verify.

To use the tool simply copy the zip file to your phone and then boot to your custom recovery and choose install.  Then browse to where you copied the file and select it.  The aroma installer will begin.  Follow the steps outlined in the pictures below and choose the options you want to run.




The Download for the Guru Bootloader Reset Tool:

Guru Bootloader Reset 1.1
File Size: 3.5 MiB - Downloads: 38667
MD5: bfbaf82a3105523f5f7b547708537d74
Comments: This file will allow you to remove the Tampered Flag and also Unlock and Lock your Bootloader.

**S-OFF is required

Simply install from custom recovery CWM or TWRP.

Make sure you have the latest version of recovery as M7 U/UL  TWRP requires at least version for this package to work.

The latest M7 U/UL  TWRP can be downloaded HERE.

The latest M7 U/UL  CWM can be downloaded HERE.

This should work for Verizon and Sprint as well, however they have different versions of these recoveries, so I am unable to test.




If the installer stays on this screen fore more than a few seconds, then it means you need to delete/format cache.  This can be done within both recoveries.  You may need to reboot recovery after clearing cache and begin the installer again. This seems to happen more on CWM than TWRP.  

Once Posted on XDA I will include the link to the support thread here.


This collection and my mods takes up quite a bit of my time as well as hosting fees so if you found these files or the information I provided here helpful please feel free to throw a small donation my way by clicking HERE.

Thank You


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  1. Dviros

    Thanks! will use it and report back :)

  2. K2

    Hi, I seem to have trouble in updating OTA using the stock RUU in the other page. Is it better if I use this instead? Will this restore 100% stock condition?

  3. BlackS0ull

    Hello mate,

    I’ve used all your guides, including this one from this thread, but I had to install TWRP because I couldn’t only BOOT to it. Your tool worked perfect and now I don’t have anymore TEMPERED message and I’m LOCKED. So far so good.

    The problem is that now, I’m stil S-OFF (I’ve used rumrunner to S-OFF) and I want to be S-ON and the second issue is that now I have also a custom recovery installed.

    Could you please advice????

    Thank you in advance mate!

    1. mabaqi

      same here. removed the tempered flag. locked the bootloader but twrp 2.7.1 installed. can i turn s-on with custom recovery installed?

      HTC One M7 UL
      stock rom
      stock boot
      stock hboot v 1.57
      custom recovery

  4. Rahul Madnani

    After installing your Guru Reset 3.63.707.4.
    Which is Android 4.3.
    this was running perfectly as stock.
    But now, In Settings>About>Software Updates, I got the new update of Android 4.4.2.
    It is of about 320MB.
    When the download is completed, it VERIFIES that update.
    And after some seconds, I got an error naming ‘Variant System Version’.
    It means that it has detected a modified version of system software.
    And finally, I can’t update my HTC ONE to Android 4.4.2.
    Please Help.
    Give me a Solution.
    Thank You.

  5. Flo

    I have my phone rooted.

    Will it still be rooted after using your tool and receiving OTA Updates?

  6. Flofli

    Tool installs successfully but
    tampered is not removed and still unlocked



    any comments?

    1. crushalot

      Most likely not using the correct version of recovery. Try updating your recovery to the most recent version.

  7. nadine

    Will this tool work with sprint Htc One?

    1. crushalot

      Yes it will.

      1. lood

        What about the AT&T variant? I assume it will work regardless, correct? Before anyone asks, how about the T Mobile variant as well?

  8. Zachar

    I have a problem similar to BlackS0ull.
    My phone was never moded. It was only rooted and S-off even though I have hboot 1.55.
    Now with this tool I will be able to remove tampered and lock bootloader
    but then how to remove custom recovery and set S-On again?
    Is it possible to run this tool from custom recovery when is booted by
    ‘fastboot boot’ command and stock recovery already flashed?
    And how to get then S-On flag. Thanks in advance for any help. I need to return my
    phone due to purple haze and my warranty finishes in 3 weeks :/

  9. Amparo

    Really no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other users that they
    will help, so here it takes place.

  10. Krishna

    I have accidently unlocked bootloader and now my HTC ONE V wont turn back on ….. All i get is the HTC screen and nothing else, ti stays till the battery dies out…………. Can some one tell me what to do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………..

    1. Josh


      You are going to need to use HTCs RUU(rom update utility)

      This is kinda of complicated if you dont know what your doing. But there are plenty of tutorials that are very easy to follow

    2. Josh


      For me that was very easy to follow. Just make sure you update the firmware through fastboot before running the RUU

  11. Grant

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  12. Daniel


    I run the tool, and did all the steps, but at the end it says:

    Updating partition details…
    E:Unable to mount ‘/system’

    And I can’t go anywhere, buttons are not responding.

    Could someone tell me what happened?

  13. Daniel

    Ok, now my phone shutted down and when I press the power button, the “home” and “back” button lights flashes and it doesn’t start.

  14. mabaqi

    I removed the tempered flag. locked the bootloader but twrp 2.7.1 installed. can i turn s-on with custom recovery installed?

    HTC One M7 UL
    stock rom
    stock boot
    stock hboot v 1.57
    custom recovery

  15. djtc

    Hi Is it Ok when I will translate to Polish your Info about Guru Bootloader reset tool at other forum and I will give Your’s links.
    Please give me feedback on mail.

  16. Michel


    my HTC One M8 got stuck on the Installing site. I can’t do anything to stop it. What should I do? Please help me :S

    1. crushalot

      This only works for the HTC One M7

  17. Armenoid

    Tested on HTC ONE MAX, removed the Tampered flag successfully.
    Thanks for great job

  18. adriana

    Hi, I have encrypted my phone, HTC ONE M7, I have TWRP and forgot password, and I’m not allow to start or factory reset, what can I do?

  19. hacka247

    is their a guide for how to install custom recovery so that i can use this tool to unlock bootloader?
    it says need custom recovery but no instuctions how to do that part.

    any help will be appreciated.

    1. Graeme

      Just Google it, it got to be one of the most common parts of phone modding. hacka really!!

  20. mart

    will this work on Desire 510 cdma?

  21. Sunshine Cortes

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