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How to Remove “Tampered”

How to Remove Tampered from your Bootloader

This guide will help you remove the Tampered flag from your bootloader.  In order to do this you MUST BE S-Off.  If you are still S-On and would like to do this then you need to gain S-Off first.  See my guide for gaining S-Off HERE.

There are few different way to do this. The easiest way is to use the Guru Bootloader Reset Tool. It is simply flashed in recovery.  See HERE.


If you used revone to gain S-Off or still have an older hboot you can use this toolkit to remove the Tampered flag:




The generic method to reset the Tampered flag on any hboot regardless of how you gain S-off is outlined in this XDA thread:



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  2. RichardL


    I have the htc one m7ul (international)

    Should I flash the original rom package first then flash the bootlader tool after, or should I flash the bootlader tool first?

  3. Tyree

    Please can you advice me what to do.
    I have the follwing problems. i unlocked my bootloader and after flashing the twrp i got tampered unlocked , S-ON and whenever i pushed supersu zip to my htc one M7 internal storage and boot into recovery, twrp can’t /don’t recognise my internal storage. WHY is that?

    i don’t want to s-off now. and what is this all about the TAMPERED.

    Greetings from europe.

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