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Nov 21

Custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip

Here is a custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip I put together. You can use it to upgrade everything directly, firmware and software to 3.63.707.4 It contains these pieces: Data partition, Stock Splash screen and pg2fs_spcustom.img from RUU 1.29.707.4 Latest Touchscreen and IR drivers from 2.24.707.1 firmware Hboot, recovery and all other included images from the latest …

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Nov 20

Guru Reset 3.63.707.4 Stock ROM

Here is a new Guru Reset for Asia/India (World Wide English). It is version 3.63.707.4 – OTA Updates will work when available.   This is for device type HTC One M7 U modelid: PN0711000 cidnum: HTC__044 and cidnum: HTC__038     Enjoy

Nov 20 OTA File for Vodafone UK (United Kingdom) – Android 4.3

Here is the download for the OTA file – Vodafone UK (United Kingdom)   This is for device type HTC One M7 UL   Info from the firmware.zip android-info.txt: modelid: PN0710000 cidnum: VODAP001 cidnum: VODAP102 cidnum: VODAPE17 cidnum: VODAP405 cidnum: VODAP304 cidnum: VODAPD18 cidnum: VODAP120 cidnum: VODAP110 mainver:   See HERE for full …

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Nov 20

3.63.707.4 OTA File for Asia WWE – Android 4.3

Here is the download for the 3.63.707.4 OTA file – Asia WWE (World Wide English)   This is for device type HTC One M7 U   Info from the OTA’s firmware.zip android-info.txt: modelid: PN0711000 cidnum: HTC__044 cidnum: HTC__038   See HERE for full OTA collection and flashing instructions. Also see HERE for OTA support. Enjoy

Oct 25

New T-Mobile RUU Added | 3.24.531.3

Here is the RUU exe file for the latest T-Mobile US Version recently pushed via OTA. Android 4.3 – 3.24.531.3 I will work on decrypting it and then post to RUU zip section.       I hope you Enjoy. Additional files will be posted soon! Check back for details.

Oct 24

3.62.401.1 OTA is rolling out. Download Posted

Here is the OTA update that is rolling out to international CID’s starting today. It is version 3.62.401.1. You can also get this OTA by installing my Guru Reset 2.24.401.1 stock rom and recovery and then accept the OTA update. That is the best way for those with S-on to get their firmware updated, especially …

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Oct 10

Video Demo of the Guru Reset Stock ROM Installer

  Here is a little video of the installation of the stock rom and recovery using the Guru Reset Tool. This video was made to demo installing the stock rom for AT&T 1.26.502.15 in order to get the Android 4.3 OTA update. I will eventually make more videos to demo more versions of the Guru …

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Oct 09

The New AT&T 3.17.502.3 Android 4.3 RUU.exe and RUU Zip have been posted

  Here are the RUU files for today’s AT&T 4.3 release.  Available in both RUU.exe and RUU zip files. Enjoy        

Oct 08

AT&T Guru Reset Installers Posted – Easy reset to stock for 4.3 OTA Update

  You knew it wouldn’t be long!  With the AT&T 4.3 OTA update imminent I have created 2 Guru Reset’s for S-On AT&T users who want to quickly and easily return to stock in order to get the latest Android 4.3 OTA.   AT&T Guru Reset Downloads      

Oct 07

AT&T will be rolling out Android 4.3 OTA Today!

  So we have know for a while that AT&T was going to skip 4.1.2 and go straight to Android 4.3.  That has been confirmed by HTC President Jason Mackenzie. Well Sunday night he posted this on Twitter: @[email protected] week. Should start on Tuesday — Jason Mackenzie (@JasonMacHTC) October 6, 2013   So sometime this morning …

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Sep 30

HTC One – Firmware 3.22.1540.1 with Dark Bootloader

  Here is the new firmware packe for 3.22.1540.1 with the Dark Bootloader mod. It has the same touchscreen drivers as the 2.24 firmware. So no touch screen worries for ROMs or Recovery. Tested this with most custom kernels and it seems ok.  Running fine on ViperOne 2.6.   Firmware 3.22.1540.1 with Dark Bootloader:   …

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Sep 29

Updated RUU and new Dark Bootloader Firmware and new Guru Reset coming soon for 3.22.1540.1

Updated RUU files and the flashable OTA and new Dark Bootloader Firmware and new Guru Reset are all coming soon for 3.22.1540.1 that was released a few days ago fro the Developer Edition. I have been busy sorting out the server issues.  Should have already seen an improvement but will be solid once sites moves …

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