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Oct 19

S-Off for hboot 1.54 – New Guides Posted

    There is now S-off for those with hboot version 1.54.     This thread put up a nice bounty and finally it was done: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2474089   Works best on a Stock ROM, and my Guru Reset Stock ROM Installers have be proven to work with this new method. Although the new procedure in …

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Oct 10

Video Demo of the Guru Reset Stock ROM Installer

  Here is a little video of the installation of the stock rom and recovery using the Guru Reset Tool. This video was made to demo installing the stock rom for AT&T 1.26.502.15 in order to get the Android 4.3 OTA update. I will eventually make more videos to demo more versions of the Guru …

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Sep 23

GuruReset Zip Files Posted – Stock ROM 2.24.401.1 with Aroma Installer

EDIT – This post is slightly outdated.  See this link for the main page for the Stock ROM downloads.  Additional versions have been added including Sprint.   http://www.htc1guru.com/downloads/stock-rom-downloads/   You should be redirected in 5 seconds   _______________________________________________________________________ I have started to put together some stock ROM zip files that can be flashed in recovery …

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Sep 10

Guide to Return HTC One Back to 100% Stock

[GUIDE] How to Return to 100% Stock   EDIT – This was the original post with the guide.  It has since been moved to it’s own page under guides so information on this post might be outdated as the current version is here: http://www.htc1guru.com/guides/return-stock-guide/   You should be redirected in 5 seconds   The info …

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Aug 19

HTC One – Small OTA update rolling out firmware version 2.24.401.8

A lot of HTC One users that still had not upgraded to the 3.06.1700.10 firmware from the Google Play Edition 4.3 release, have been running the 2.24.401.1 firmware version.  Well a small OTA update has started rolling out across parts of Europe today. I’m not sure if any of the supposed improvements will make much difference as …

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Aug 05

HTC One (M7) Installing 3.06.1700.10 Firmware from 4.3 | Unbranded Dark Bootloader

[UPDATE]  A newer firmware had been released.  See here for post and download: http://www.htc1guru.com/2013/09/3-09-401-1-firmware-dark-bootloader/   [GUIDE][MOD] 3.06.1700.10 Firmware from 4.3 | Unbranded Dark Bootloader Here is a custom firmware package I put together for those who are not doing a full Google Edition conversion but are running other custom 4.2.2/4.3 ROM’s on a AT&T, T-Mobile …

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