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Nov 27

Android 4.4 Kit Kat for Google Edition 3.58.1700.5 RUU and OTA Files

Here is the 3.58.1700.5 RUU Zip with Android 4.4 Kit Kat for Google Edition. You can use it to do a full conversion to Google Edition version of HTC One. You will need to have CID of GOOGL001 in order to get future OTA updates.   ****S-OFF Only – Will Wipe all data from device! 3.58.1700.5 Installation Instructions: …

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Nov 21

Custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip

Here is a custom 3.63.707.4 RUU Zip I put together. You can use it to upgrade everything directly, firmware and software to 3.63.707.4 It contains these pieces: Data partition, Stock Splash screen and pg2fs_spcustom.img from RUU 1.29.707.4 Latest Touchscreen and IR drivers from 2.24.707.1 firmware Hboot, recovery and all other included images from the latest …

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Nov 18

Verizon RUU Zip 1.10.605.10 Posted

Here is the download for the 1.10.605.10 Verizon RUU Zip file:   See HERE for full RUU Zip collection.

Nov 12

RUU Zip 3.22.661.1 for Telus Posted

Here is a new RUU Zip for Telus 3.22.661.1. It has been decypted and can be downloaded here:     Enjoy

Oct 28

More RUU Zip Files Added | 3.24.531.3 & 1.29.401.2

I have decrypted the last 2 RUU’s that were added. They are the T-Mobile 3.24.531.3 and the WWE 1.29.401.2 Here are the downloads for the RUU Zip files to flash the RUU in fastboot.       Enjoy

Oct 15

Many New Files Added to the Collection

  I have been busy. Here are a mess of new files recently uploaded and added the collection   New Files posted:   TWRP (T-MOB101 )     1.26.502.15 RUU Zip     OTA’s:   OTA_M7_U_JB43_SENSE50_MR_hTC_Asia_TW_3.18.709.2-2.24.709.1     OTA_M7_UL_JB_50_S_HTC_Europe_2.24.401.8-2.24.401.1     Dark Bootloader 3.57.401.500       Enjoy  

Oct 09

The New AT&T 3.17.502.3 Android 4.3 RUU.exe and RUU Zip have been posted

  Here are the RUU files for today’s AT&T 4.3 release.  Available in both RUU.exe and RUU zip files. Enjoy        

Oct 03

2 New RUU Zip’s posted

I have added the following RUU Zips: RUU Zip M7 UL JB43 SENSE50 MR BrightstarUS WWE 3.22.1540.1 RUU Zip M7 WLS JB 50 Sprint 1.29.651.10 They are available on the RUU Zip download page. You can also find them here:            

Sep 19

New RUU Zip Files Posted

I have added 4 new RUU Zip’s that I have decrypted from the original RUU files. There were two RUU Zip files that were still encrypted listed previously on the site. These versions were downloaded a lot. The two files were: RUU Zip M7_U_JB_50_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.29.707.4 and RUU Zip M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.29.401.16   Those files, would have flashed fine …

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